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Sunday BDA Phone
Business Planning Workshops

(BDA Tool Two in Action)

We will host six workshop events over three months all focused on BDA Tool Two:

We write annual one-year business plans with definable and
accountable goals and targets.


Because we will be welcoming DA and BDA members to share real-world details of their businesses, we must ask that all workshop participants meet the only requirement for DA and BDA membership:

an ongoing desire to stop incurring new unsecured debt, one day at a time 


Each month will be focused on one part of planning and / or accountability:

December — Planning
January — Accountability
February — Course Correction

On the first Sunday of each month — December 6, January 3, and February 7 — we will lead you in setting, measuring against, and refreshing your business goals.

On the third Sunday of each month — December 20, January 17, and February 21 — we will lead you in setting, measuring against, and refreshing your business spending plan.


All six workshops: Noon — 1:30pm PST, 3pm — 4:30pm EST, etc.



A Few Words About Fundraising

Requested donation is $90 (for any or all of the six events); you are welcome to break your donation into payments for each
workshop, monthly, half and half, or however else you choose.

All proceeds will go to the BDA Intergroup Startup Project
(, half for provision of free conference-approved
literature as requested by BDA newcomers and members and half for public information and outreach.

"When we are experiencing prosperity, one way we express gratitude is to give generously ... If we are struggling financially, each contribution we make, regardless of amount, is an act of trust in a Power greater than ourselves."  The Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts of Debtors Anonymous: Thirty-Six Principles of Recovery (p. 90)

No one will be turned away for a lack of funds.

However, we want to remind our potential participants that compulsive debting is a disease, not only of living beyond our means, but also of taking more than we give. Please pray and meditate before deciding what you can afford to contribute.

Donations are voluntary. But you'll note that we're pressing the point a little bit this time, as an opportunity for our DA and BDA fellows to reflect on self-accountability in terms of the principles of self-support and generosity. Once more, though, if you are a debtor, of course you are welcome to attend: no one will be turned away for a lack of funds!


Registration Has Closed for This Event
Please Check Back for a Likely Repeat in the Fall


Getting Going on Goal Setting

The three documents below are what our workshop leader created to establish and measure her goals in 2019 and 2020. She succeeded in reaching or exceeding every goal she set using this format.


Bulleted items shown in the attached are brainstormed possible actions as our workshop leader worked toward meeting her annual goals, which she then measured weekly.


Please bring your TOP THREE short-term visions for your business — i.e. how much do you want to make, number of new clients or total clients served, your marketing plan, and one of three efforts focused on your own well-being — to be accomplished in 2021. 

Our workshop leader, for instance, first set her revenue goal. Then she established the number of clients she needed to serve, the number of marketing actions she needed to take, and at least one way to take care of herself as the primary asset of her business. Once she established these details, she had four concrete goals to pursue.


If You Want Either Your Business Goals Or Your
Business Spending Plan "Workshopped" 

We will be able to "workshop" — present YOUR 2021 business goals or business spending plan for group review and discussion on-screen — for four BDA members in each of the two connected planning sections. The "workshopped" goals and spending plans would ideally repeat for all three inter-related workshops. This means we can "workshop" with eight workshop participants.

Here is the projected scheduling for each of our six events; actual schedules for individual workshop sessions will vary:

5 minutes — Serenity prayer and reading of full BDA Tool Two content, introduction by workshop moderator

15 minutes — Workshop leader presentation (we have two workshop leaders, one for business goal setting and one for spending plans, who will help and support each other as requested)

65 minutes — "Workshopping" of four BDA members' business  visions and goals OR business spending plans (15 minutes each with a five-minute contingency)

5 minutes — Closing by workshop moderator, invitation to next workshop in the series, and the Serenity prayer


Here is the projected scheduling for how the "workshopping" will be addressed for each selected business vision or business spending plan at each of our six events, all to be timed by a spiritual timekeeper. As above, actual "workshopping" schedules for individual sessions will vary:

3 minutes — Review of the vision or plan by its BDA member

3 minutes — Feedback and input from workshop leader

7 minutes — Feedback and input from up to six workshop participants (1 timed minute each with one minute for contingency)

1 minute — Suggested next steps from our workshop leader

1 minute — Comments and commitment to return for the next inter-related workshop from the BDA member

Again, workshop participants need only meet the requirement for DA and BDA membership: an ongoing desire to stop incurring new unsecured debt, one day at a time. Here are the criteria for selection to have your business goals or spending plan "workshopped": 

Criteria based on the DA Tools:


On Step Three or beyond, with a current BDA sponsor, and at least 90 days free of incurring new unsecured debt; have already worked with a BDA sponsor and / or PRG to establish your business income and expense categories and subcategories (these don't need to be perfect, just an understanding of how money flows into and out of your business; we will happily help finetune); have at least three calendar months of record maintenance for your business.

Submission of your three 2021 vision items no later than December 1st; submission of your completely imperfectly drafted business spending plan no later than December 15th.


We have provided formats below. You're welcome to use your own formats as long as they will be visually appealing and easy to understand by both workshop leaders and participants. 

Review of your business vision or spending plan with the relevant workshop leader before each inter-related workshop. This will usually take 30-60 minutes per review session.

Commitment to attend all six BDA Tool Two workshops, pending the unforeseeable, of course.

Assuming all criteria above are met, selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


Although we will not be recording these workshops, since we will be on video conference and careful about protecting our anonymity, we are sure to repeat this workshop cycle if our BDA fellows are interested. (We also welcome other BDA groups and members to pick up the format we've developed here for use in your own groups, regions, etc. No need to ask.


That is to say:


If you're ready to do this now, wonderful! If you're not, don't make this a new business pressure. There will be future workshops and future opportunities to receive this support for your business and for your practice of BDA Tool Two.

Thank you in advance for your submissions!​


Please click above to open a pdf​ or here to download an editable document for your use in creating your own goals and accountability mechanisms. 

Please click above to open a pdf or here to download an editable document for your use in creating your own goals and accountability mechanisms.

Please click above to open a pdf or here to download an editable document for your use in creating your own goals and accountability mechanisms.

Sunday BDA Group Inventory

We performed a wonderful and productive BDA group inventory this year. With the help of our moderator, not a member of our group, we developed our own inventory questions:

1. What are the principles by which all DA groups function, including our BDA group? 

2. From the Fifth Tradition, what is our BDA group's message?

3. Do we stay focused on our singleness of purpose?

4. Are we, as a group, open to change? Are we flexible and open to new ideas?

5. Is our meeting format working for us and attracting new members? 

6. What are the special challenges we face as a phone meeting? How are we handling those challenges?

7. Are there changes we would like to make to our group or meetings? What are they and why?

8. Are there things we would hate to see change about our group or meetings? What are they and why?

9. Are we serving the newcomers who attend our meetings? How would we know? Are they coming back? 

10. Are we living up to self-support and voluntary contributions — in terms of both money and service — as described in the 7th Tradition?


11. Are we filling our open positions with qualified candidates? If no, why not? 

12. Do we want to create positions for Intergroup Rep and Public Information Rep? If yes, how will we accomplish this?

13. Is there anything we have not yet discussed based on the questions above?

Rather than making decisions, which was not the purpose of the inventory, or suggestions to the group, we framed our inventory results in terms of questions with context, which we are now working through with our group via monthly business meetings. For more information, download our complete group inventory report.


Business Spending Plans

Like the goal setting section above, there are three spreadsheets in the business spending plan template workbook available here. All categories and subcategories are editable. The three tabs will allow you to choose to plan:

  • For a single month and then let the computer calculate twelve months for you.

  • For three months and then be multiplied by four.

  • Specific amounts for each active subcategory for each of twelve individual months. (The months are numbered rather than named, since you can start your annual business plan in ANY MONTH. If you're not ready in January, get ready and start in ANY MONTH of 2021.)

In all three cases, all formulas are built in to the spreadsheets. In the numeric columns, the cells for entry have been highlighted in green.

NOTE: We cannot offer training on the use of the software related to the business spending plan template workbook available here. Please seek that support elsewhere.



The workbook is meant to be helpful, but using it is not required. We are happy to work with your current financial reporting for your business and to help you create a custom spending plan template.

If you don't even know where to start, we suggest doing an online search for "financial statements for _____________" and insert your industry, profession, or business type. You can go further and insert "downloadable" and / or "in _____________" (and insert your favorite spreadsheet or document software) into your search terms. 

No matter how you search, the specificity will help you to find better templates than what we've created with an emphasis on one-size-fits-all for use by all BDA members and workshop participants. We are happy to help you develop the template that will best serve YOU and YOUR business.

NOTE: Formatting and drafting business spending plans are beyond the scope of the current workshop series.


For those who would like that help, though, we will hold an informal BSP (business spending plan) drop-in session on December 13th, sames times as the six scheduled workshops.


That bonus drop-in session will be on a separate video conference link from the six scheduled BDA Tool Two workshops. Everyone who registers for the workshop series will receive the link to this extra help session.